Ben Tuttle

Ben Tuttle

Grade 7

Houlton, Jr High School

Houlton, ME 04730

Mrs. Peabody




Northern Maine Woods


There so many different thing about Northern Maine and I am


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~iVLaine is a beautiful place to go especially the outdoors The wild life and the scenery will truly take your breath away. There are so many different animals in Northern Maine such as deer, black bear, moose, bobcat, coyote, red fox and fisher. There are so many different kinds of trees in Northern Maine woods such as sugar maple,American beech, balsam fir, guaking aspen, Northern white cedar, yellow birch, paper birch, and Eastern white pine. There are so many different lakes in Northern Maine such as Drews lake, Grand lake, and Nickerson Lake. There are so many rivers and streams in Northern Maine such as B Stream, St. John and the Allagash River. When it is time for hunting season you can hunt: grouse, deer and black bear. In Northern Maine the



fishing season is really wonderful and when the fishing season is over you can go ice fishing. In the winter, you can go snowsiedding. The trails are really good to ride on, and you can trail a long ways on~a snowsied. This is some of interesting things Maine has to offer in Northern Maine Woods.