Brett Dennison

Brett Dennison              Mrs. Shaw

Grade 8

Rose Gaffney School


Imagine riding through a waving, winding road that’s almost deserted, the sun is beating down and the incense of pollen slips through every little crack of that black Silverado. That’s the feeling of taking a drive on the Whale’s back through route nine. Sometimes you may evan see a moose wading through the river what seems like a mile away.


After an hour and a half of driving through what feels to be endless trees and wildlife you come to a small, rural part of a town. You start to see older cars and astonishing vehicles for sale and parked in drive-ways. Maine is nicknamed the “Vacationland” because it is a beautiful tourist destination. There are many places to go in Maine and there are many things to do there. Pushaw Lake Campground in Orono is definitely my favorite place to be during vacation, I have amazing friends, a lot to do, and there are some really cool things to see there.


Last summer was exceptionally great, I made some new friends, who are really cool, and I got to go tubing. I had an awesome time riding my bike, swimming, kayaking, fishing, and exploring. One time my friends and I had made a huge rock-pile in the lake just outside the swimming area and a monstrous bass came by my leg. I freaked because of its size. Another time on the lake, my aunt and I kayaked to Moose Island, an island out a ways from the campground, and I went swimming at the best beach in the best part of the lake. The water is really clear. The bottom of lake is sandy. Unlike other spots in the lake, you don’t have to wear shoes.


There is also an abundance of wildlife there. Just imagine the sun going down, you’re swimming alone at a small beach, and five painted turtles emerge from the water. Each head sticks out one at a time. Turtles aren’t the only amphibious creature roaming around at night; North American Bullfrogs are always crawling and hopping on the road. There are also Leopard Frogs. The loons call to each other all day and all night long. There is also a Blue Herring Crane that lives near the swamp. There aren’t even too many mosquitoes.


During the Fourth of July there are exciting and fun activities. A friend and I entered the three-legged race and nearly won. There are other activities in different times of the camping season, like hay-rides, Christmas in July, and Halloween; I remember dressing up as my grandfather for laughs. Another reason that it is great to be there is because it is conveniently 10 minutes from every local hotspot, like a movie theatre, the mall, and my favorite restaurant Happy China Buffet.


I remember during the Halloween festivities I dressed up as my grandfather, I had his hat, a t­shirt, shorts, crocs, and his glasses and I stuck my gut out. I went around the campground and made people laugh the entire time. After the trick or treating two friends and I smashed up a bunch of crushable candy, threw it in to a cup and drank it, I got really hyper.