Cameron Oxley

Cameron Oxley
6th Grade
All Saints Catholic School
Mrs. Whitney

Fun in the Sun

Sure there is autumn, winter, and spring, but I would have to say my favorite season of the year is summer. The season of summer brings a smile to my face when I see the sun glisten on the water and the animals running circles in the lush forest. There are many reasons why I love summer and I’d like to share them with you.

It’s finally here, I tell myself, the best time of year, the start of summer vacation! This is the day I wait for all year when I can sit back, relax, and drink a strawberry-banana smoothie. Why do I love summer vacation so much? I love summer vacation because I can go to my camp and sit on the dock with the sun gleaming on me and breath in the fresh air. That is just one reason why I enjoy the season of summer.

Yet another reason I love summer so much is the warmth of the air. Yes, I like snow, but I like warmth even more. I don’t have to worry about becoming too warm because I like to keep an extra amount of popsicles and ice cream in my freezer. YUM! Sun makes me want to throw open the front door and jump outside into the shimmering sun and play with my friends.

Whizz! Bang! BOOM! The sound of fireworks going off on the Fourth of July excites me in many ways. The collage of colors lighting up the sky makes me smile ever
wider as I remember the history behind this day and why we have these fireworks. The Fourth of July is a special holiday at my camp, and the entire lake has a huge celebration starting with a pancake breakfast that I must admit is quite delicious. With the ice cold orange juice trickling down my throat and the bacon crisp as can be, yes it is quite a meal! Then to continue the celebration people decorate their individual boats with red, white, and blue ribbons and streamers tucked into every place you could imagine on a boat. Once everyone has finished decorating their boat, they gather at one end of the lake and we have what I think is the best part of this event; we have a boat parade that extends the entire length of the lake. It is quite a festive and patriotic celebration!

Finally, as summer comes to an end, my family does something that I really enjoy. We go on one last family trip. Last year we went to Acadia National Park, and let me tell you, that was quite a trip and a fun one at that. There are many things you can do over the course of the year, but I would have to say the best thing to do is have fun in the sun!