Cameron Torrey

My Favorite season

Cameron Torrey
6th grade
Brooklin School
Brooklin, Maine
Ms. Rebecca Turner
Ms. Halina Nawrot

My favorite season is spring. The sights are amazing. The sunset is like a thousand rainbows. The hummingbirds fly as fast as lightening. The flowers come out from a long sleep. I like seeing the squirrel running in the treetops. I like seeing the deer running through the woods and watching them disappear. I also like staying up all night hearing the frogs singing a wonderlul song.
The smells of the garden and its flowers are amazing. Flowers remind me of my mom’s baking: the sweet aroma of the apple pie, pancakes and syrup. Going out and finding a flower and smelling the unimaginable sense is amazing. The smell of the pine trees blowing in the wind is refreshing. Having the warm steam on my face from the syrup is soothing. The smell of the pond is welcoming.
The feeling of the sand under your feet at the beach, finding a shell and feeling the smooth inside, feeling the smooth sea glass as it has been smoothed from the sand are all breathtaking. The feeling that you know you will wake up happy, the feeling of cold water as you go swimming, the feel of a cool spring night makes me feel at home.