Camon Johnson

Camon Johnson

Grade 7

Rose Gaffney School





Maine story


My favorite place in Maine is my camp. It smells like the outdoors and pine needles. My camp is on Schoodic Lake. Schoodic lake is on the Columbia blueberry barrens and it’s a lake out in the middle of no where but when you find it its like a little city because there’s a lot of camps with a lot of lights and people. One of the best things about camp is bringing a friend and waking up early to the aroma of bacon frying. My grandmother makes sure we are all fed before we go off fishing for the day. You could say camp is for all season.

Camp is very fun in the winter time because I can ice fish in the cold snow and drill through the freezing slippery ice with an ice auger and set your fishing traps. In the winter time I can ride my snowmobile. Last year I caught a 23 inch salmon it was the biggest fish I had ever caught. When I pulled it up I could feel the strong sharp tug at the the end of the line.

Even though camp is fun in the winter, my favorite time at camp is the summer. Just like in the winter, my favorite pasttime is fishing. Last summer I caught a 31 inch pickerel in Pickerel Cove by Mrs.Shaw’s camp. When I caught it, I pulled the fish in the boat and Brandon, a friend who often goes to camp with me, grabbed the slimy fish and put it on the measuring stick. We were both pretty surprised at how big it was. Pickerel are mean looking fish and are quite bony, so most people don’t eat them but they are fun to catch.



At night it is cool and I go up to “the hill” to play flashlight tag with all my friends. It’s very fun. Everyone at Schoodic knows each other. Its a very small lake lake but its still very fun. I cook marsh-mellows over the fire and I like going tubing. I go very fast behind the boat and having the cold water splash against my foot. I take my boat across the whole lake and go to the rope swing. The rope swing is this rope attached to a huge tree. There’s a hill you climb up with the rope and when you get to the top you jump down the hill and swing across the water with the strong wind blowing in your face. Then you let go in mid air and splash into the water.

Every night we have basketball games because I have a basketball hoop attached to my dock so we can play in the water, the teams are usuallykids against the adults. We all ways lose because they can dunk. I love a few more thing about Maine and that is hunting I love going hunting my favorite type of hunting is duck hunting and turkey hunting with my 20 gauge because you have a better chance at seeing a bird then a deer. Rich is taking me turkey hunting in Aroostick county in March I am very excited because I bought all my new turkey hunting ammo and clothes. I’m also excited to go deer hunting in Hancock county because I’m gettingmy doe permit and were going to try to get me a moose permit. I also just like staying home and hanging out with my friends in town and going to chinese and having good food. I like playing basketball and baseball in maine. I play baseball In the spring and sometimes In the summer. I play a lot of basketball I play basketball In the winter, the spring, the fall and a lot in the summer. I like to play soccer and football a lot as well. I usually play football in the summer and soccer in the fall. In football I am play wide receiver, In basketball I play SG or PG, In soccer I play striker and In baseball I play catcher. The last thing I do In Maine Is go to school. When I go to school I get to learn about things and be with a lot of friends. My favorite period Is either gym or language arts.