Camy Bridges

Camy Bridges              Grade 8

Rose Gaffney School              Mrs. Shaw






My favorite places in Maine are the beaches. Roques Bluff is a nice place to go on a muggy summer day. Roques Bluff has two sides to it. There is a beach side and a pond side with a park.

On the pond side people go fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. The park consists of a basic playground set (a swing set and a slide) benches, picnic tables and, grills where people can have cookout’s. There are two landings. Each on one end of the pond. Inbetween the two landings there is a field of blueberry bushes and raspberry bushes. At one landing there is the playground set and at the other there is a volleyball net.

On the beach side there is a wall of rose bushes that bloom with beauty in the summertime. At the bottom of that wall the grass turns into sand. The sand stretches out onyour left and right and then slowly it turns into rocks that make up a cliff with seaweed wherepeople go to look for crabs. The water splashes up onto the shore every now and then. Seaweed crunches beneath your feet. The sand overlaps your feet as you walk along the outstretched arms of the beach.

On a warm summer day I went to Roques Bluff with my friends Tevin, Aaron, Cherokee, Maria,and Magenta. The air was moist and smelled like salt it kind of tasted like salt also. My hair bounced up and down as I approached the steps that separated

one small section of the wall of roses. As I stepped off the stairs I slipped off my flip flops andscooped them up with my pointer finger. The sound the water made when it crashed up against the small fist size rocks that lay gently upon the sand made a sort of crash like glass breaking. I walked over to one of Maria and laid my sweater on the sand and walked down to the water with her. We stood close enough to the water so that it barley touched out toes. The water reached out clawing the tip of my big toe

reaching for the others but it did not succeed. I looked at Maria, grinned, grabbed her hand and pulled her into the water racing towards a wave. She screamed and laughed at the same time as the water wrapped around her legs I was still gripping her hand and I looked at her with a devilish grin again. We screamed as water hit our backs and turned around ready to splash back who splashed us. Aaron and Tevin were standing behind us with Cherokee and Magenta on each side they were all laughing. Ibent down and Maria followed my lead Magenta joined Maria and I and we all started splashing Cherokee, Tevin, and Aaron. Maria, Magenta and I won the water fight because the others gave in after we started kicking the water at them. We all walked back up to

where out stuff was and each grabbed a towel out of the tote that Magenta brought to dry off our legs. Brett was digging a hole next to out stuff. Maria, Magenta, Cherokee and I stepped in the hole and each posed. Tevinand Aaron walked over to the hole and got in it to and laid down to do this really funny pose. Tevin handed Brett my camera before he got in and after everyone was done Brett took a picture.

The best part about that day was watching the sun set before we left. As the sun was disappearing the water was sparkling and the sky was turning a reddish purple

Maine is nicknamed the “vacationland” because it is a beautiful tourist destination, It is my home but still a vacationland to me.