Chloe Davis

Chloe Davis

Grade 7

Houlton Jr. High School

Houlton, ME. 04730


Mrs. Peabody


Phillip’s Lake, Maine

One of Maine’s many perfect vacationlands is Phillip’s Lake. Located in Hancock County, Phillip’s Lake is surrounded by Maine woods, and has beautiful, clear water that you can’t find anywhere else. There is a nearlyendless list of activities to do while you are staying, from swimming or


tubing to fishing or kayaking. There are many cabins and camps, and they are the perfect place to spend a week with your family.You can easily kayak


to a small island known locally as “Blueberry Island” and pick fresh


blueberries. Once night falls, you can build a campfire and spend time with your family, and you can see all the fires and hear the laughter of other families all around the lake having fun together. Don’t just bring your human family, bring your dogs and other pets too! Spending a few days at Phillip’s Lake is a great way to enjoy the Maine outdoors with all your family. While others may have malls, fancy restaurants, and big cities;this is one of the few places that is still natural. In the cities, the air is polluted or the water isn’t clean, but at Phillip’s Lake, the air is fresh and clean and the water is



so clear and pure that in many places you can see right to the bottom! You can choose to spend your vacation in a big, polluted city, or you can spend it in one of the rare completely natural places, where you can breathe clean air and swim in clean water. It’s up -to you, but I for one would spend my vacation at Phillip’s Lake.