Daisy Stewart

Daisy Stewart


Grade 9 –


Penobscot Valley High School




Ms. Doyon







Bullying has become a really big problem in today’s society. Many people think that they aren’t bullying or they never bully people but, in reality, people bully all the time. According to makebeatsnotbeatdowns.org, there is a high percentage of bullies and kids being bullied. Bullying really needs to stop, in all of its forms. Not only is it causing the victims to drop out of school but they are dropping out of life as well.


Bullying comes in many different shapes and sizes. There is the physical bullying, verbal bullying, indirect bullying, and cyber bullying. Physical bullying is where the bullies physically attack the victim and take, or damage their belongings. Taking someone’s items and damaging them is considered both vandalizing and theft, each of which people get arrested for on an everyday basis. Verbal bullying is where the bully calls the victim spiteful names that picks on one of their quirks. Indirect bullying is where the bullies spread rumors about the person they chose to be their victim. I know for a fact that most people don’t like rumors because they are hurtful and they usually tell false information and it changes for the worse as it gets passed on and the victim usually doesn’t know what the rumor is about. The last one (and probably the most common one) is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying includes; indirect bullying, verbal bullying and physical bullying sometimes. It includes all of those because the bully can text, he or she can send pictures and videos of the bullying of someone, and usually people bully through social networking sites.


The victims of bullies are dropping out of school because that is where it often times happens. It happens at school because the bullies want to show off to their cliques and they want to become popular by bullying. Kids are dropping out because they don’t want to be attacked again by the same bully and if it progresses then more people might happen to join in. I can’t say I blame them for dropping out but bullying shouldn’t be happening to begin with because it ruins the victims’s lives.


Bullying ruins the victim’s life because many victims of bullying drop out of school, but thats not the worst thing. The worst thing is that kids have been bullied to the point where they want to end their lives, or where the bullies end their lives for them, all because the bullies are insecure about themselves, what a shame.


This is why bulling needs to stop, there are lives being lost due to bullying. In all of America about 2.1 million kids are bullies and have bullied countless people according to the makebeatsnotbeatdowns.org web page. Their motto is “make a sound for a voice unheard.” We should all stand up for the kids being bullied because it could just very well save a life.