David Gogan

Hannah Foley

Grade 7

Houlton Jr. High School

Houlton, ME 04730

Mrs. Peabody

Acadia National Park


Maine is a beautiful vacationland state, but the place I like the most is Acadia National Park. There are beautiful beaches and views of gorgeous mountains. Acadia is the perfect place to vacation. There are twocampgrounds at Acadia, and they are they perfect place to camp. Some of my favorite places in Acadiawould be Sand Beach, Cadillac Mouhtain, and Thunder Hole. Sand Beach -is a great place for tanning and looking at the beautiful view or building sandcastles that overlook the ocean. Although it is a little chilly, you can also swim in the Atlantic Ocean. There are about 26 different mountains in Acadia.Cadillac Mountain is the only mountain in the park with a road to the summit of the mountain. People have a choice whether to climb, bike, or drive up the


mountain. Thunder Hole is a great place to hike along the rocky shore or listen to the waves crash in the cave. When the waves crash, they sound like “Thunder”.


Some people may not like camping there because there isn’t any water or electricity hook ups for campers, but it is so much quieter than a busy campground. Campgrounds are noisy and you are distracted by electronics, so its not really camping. Acadia’s campgrounds are quiet, rustic, and they don’t have all of the noise from the city. Imagine sleeping to the sound of nature. There is so much to



do in Acadia. It truly is the best place for a vacation in the Vacationland State of