Ducan Waanders

Duncan    Waanders 6th Grade
All Saints Catholic School
Mrs. Whitney

Autumn’s Color Change

Whoosh! The wind blows around me making the trees look like the are laughing. Then the crows start cawing making it sound like they are laughing, too. I rake the leaves into a giant pile, and with a running start, I jump in. It is getting colder and I zip up my fleece. It is the autumn of the year, my favorite season, and I am at my house playing in the leaves.

Autumn here in Maine can be a little wet, but when it is dry outside is fun to play in the leaves. The leaves turn to so many different and vibrant colors. Some leaves turn golden, others turn red, orange, or just stay green. Once they change colors they begin their fall to the ground. That’s when you get to play in the leaves.

By autumn, school has started and you get to see your friends again. You feel older being in a new grade and learning new things. You can participate in fall sports after school. Early in the year I have time to play outside in the leaves because school is just starting up and you don’t have to worry about having tons of homework. After a few weeks of school you can run cross-country or play soccer, but don’t stay out late at the end of autumn or you will be lost in the dark.
Another reason I like autumn can be summed up in two words: football season. I like to watch football with my dad and sometimes I even play a little with my family just for fun. On Thanksgiving, after we eat, we watch a football game. During half-time we have our own football game outside in the yard beside our house. It’s always entertaining!

So there you have it, my favorite things about autumn in Maine are watching football, jumping in the leaves, playing soccer with my friends, and most of all, spending time with my family. Come to think of it, all my reasons for declaring autumn as my favorite season revolve around family and friends.