Dylan Robinson

Dylan Robinson

Grade 7

Rose Gaff ney School

Mrs. Shaw


My favorite place in Maine, is the Bangor Waterfront, and that’s because that’s were I saw my first concert, it was part of the Avalanche Tour, featuring Skillet, Theory of a Deadman and Stone Sour.

I only saw every band up ‘till Skillet, they’re one of my favorite bands, it was a late birthday present and I will always remember that show. And thats because one thing that was awesome about the show was when Skillet was up, and they were getting ready to do “Awake and Alive” the lead singer, John Cooper, said something like this before they started doing the song:

“Every single day we wake up there is a war going on, I’m not talking about the war in Iraq, I’m not talking about the war in Afghanistan, I am talking about a war for your soul. This world will try to tell you how to live, how to dress, what you can, and what you can’t believe, this world will try to tell you that life is all about money and image, and being cool, this world will even try to tell you that living for Jesus is a waste of time, but the bible says I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, and in the power of god, and salvation for anyone who believes. So now is our time to say I don’t care what they say, I don’t care what they do. Now is our time to say we are not ashamed, we are not afraid, because of Jesus, we are Awake Tonight”

And when he said that, I was motivated, I felt alive, and I live by that code to this day, and that little quote made me believe that I can be my own person and not be ashamed, and that night, I switched to a religion, I am still to this day a proud Christian.

Also when I saw Theory of A Deadman, I thought they would sound pretty good, but the lead singer dosen’t sound all that good live like I thought.

But honestly, Skillet was without a shadow of a doubt, they were the highlight of the night.

And I hope that soon I get another chance to see one of my favorite bands live, like Avenged Sevenfold, or 3 Days Grace, or Drowning Pool, or someone like that, because thats the stuff I like, the Hardcore rock musc, and anyone who says that rock is for sinners, I don’t care, no one can change what great music it is.



But other than that, if I were to pick another place, I would also say Jonesport, I always have fun in Jonesport, my cousin Sebastein lives down there and he is a really cool guy, I mean sure he can be arrogant but still, he is a good guy. I met a lot of his friends and some of them are actually pretty cool too.

and thats one of the reasons why the Waterfront and Jonesport are my favorite places in Maine.