Ella Grant

Student Name: Ella Grant
Grade: 6
School:    Searsport District Middle/High School
Town:    Stockton Springs
Teacher: Amanda Pu lien

My favorite season is summer because it is calm and relaxing. I love waking up to the sweet sound of chirping birds in the morning. I think summer is upbeat and exciting in the morning and afternoon when I can look forward to playing ~ll day. I love to sit on the lawn with a blanket and have a calm and relaxing picnic. I bet you could NEVER guess what I love most, well here it is, I love the sweet smell of grass and air, unlike winter, (yuck!). Winter is I~ slippery, wet, and just too COLD! I always get bruised from clumsily sliding across the ice.
Actually, what I really love most about summer is being with my family and friends all the time and not having to miss out on something like my little sister laughing. My little sister is five months old and it is pretty hard to make her laugh. Anyway, that is the most exciting thing in the world, loving your family and going outside every day in that warm summer air to play with your siblings! I like to play tag, make up stories, or just play make believe. You are never too old for that! Sometimes we walk down to the ocean since it is right down the road.
It is really fun to be able to do things other than school, homework, and doing the same things every day. Waking up, getting dressed, brushing your teeth and hair and the list goes on, and on, and on. I am not saying I don’t like school, but honestly, summer is the best time of the year.
Finally, another great thing in summer is having and going to yard sales and signing up for fun activities like plays, volunteering for a certain activity (like tennis),and much more! Another great thing is being able to lay in bed and ask yourself these questions: What will happen tomorrow? Who will I meet this year in school? What will my new teacher be like? Well, I have learned that you won’t know until it happens, just like summer. You never know what will happen in the summer until it happens.