Ellie Burns

Ellie Burns

grade 7

Rose Gaff ney School

Mrs. Shaw



My favorite place in Maine is at my dad’s house in Whiting. The thing I like about Whiting is walking to the lake with my cousins and my friends. Any time we don’t walk, my friend’s parents let us ride on the tailgate of the truck while we hold on to our tubes and rafts.


When we get to the lake we go on my great uncle’s boat to the middle of the lake, jump off the ledges, and swim to the middle of the lake. Once when my friends and I were little we went swimming and some weeds touched our feet, we all freaked out and my friends parents told us that it was a big fish trying to eat our toes. For a couple years when we were swimming if something touched our feet we always screamed “BIG FISH” and swam away struggling to climb on up the slime and thorn bush covered rocks. Sometimes if we don’t go to the middle of the lake, we swim off the dam next to my uncles house were its nice and warm, we aslo fish oft of it because of all the fish there is, or just sit on it dangling our feet off the dam into the warm still water. Some days, instead of going to the lake, we go to the pollen covered pond behind my house making sure we don’t touch the slimy weeds and always hope and pray there are no bloodsuckers, or to my grandmother’s pool were we float on rafts and soak up the sun.


When we can’t go to the lake, we go on long bike rides up to the spring at the end of our road to get fresh water, or to the horses at the other end of the road. We walk through the woods to our tree house, or to the river wh’ere we watch the ducks float down the river. We walk up and down the trails out in the back of our houses and watch the birds fly arond the trees. At night we pitch tents in our backyards, or in the field at my grandparents’ house and we always say we are going to go electronic free but every time we end up witha laptop, all our phones, and all our ipods.At night we make campfires, and we roast hotdogs and make s’mores. Sometimes at night we put lights around our pond, and have a contest to see how far we can jump over the bushes into the water without getting



hurt. Last year my father made a path through the bushes so we dont have to jump so high but its still really fun.


During the day if we are bored of swimming and walking up and down the road, or even walking the dogs for their health, we roll down the huge hills at my nieghbors, we reada book on the lawn, or in the house, or we make cakes and bring them to our nieghbors. Some times we also play with the dogs or if we get really, really bored we watch the cars go by. Also in the summer, my grandmother and cousins put up their trampoline, and we jump on it for hours at a time, or we just sit on it until we want to jump on it. Once I was laying on the trampoline waiting for my cousin and she quietly climbed the ladder and when I wasnt looking she leaped on to the trampoline and mde me go flying into the air. it was really fun. When ever my other cousins from Augusta come up the do backflips on it and at least one person gets hurt or faIls of the trampoline. After someone gets hurt some body else trys to do what the last person did and ends up getting hurt worst than the last. after everyone is done getting hurt we all sit down and talk about all of the stuff that has happened that day and laugh and joke until we have to say goodbye and that is why during the summer, Whiting at my dad’s is my favorite place in Maine.