Emily Murphy

Emily Murphy
Grade 5
Leroy H. Smith School
Winterport, ME
Mrs. Jackson

bo you like to rake leaves, play fall sports, and see the leaves change? Well, if you do, your favorite season is probably fall.

I like fall the best,because when the colors change to yellow and red it looks like a painting! I think that they are very pretty that way.It’s always fun, after you rake a big pile of leaves to jump in them!

I also like fall because of the fall sports. My favorite sport is soccer, which most people play in the fall but it can be played during other seasons too. I like to play all the positions, except for goalie.I don’t like being goalie because I feel like a lot of pressure is being put on me and nervous. It’s always fun when we score a goal! Everybody cheers! Soccer is that kind of sport where it’s fun for me to fall in the mud, and get dirty!

The last reason I like fall is because of Halloween. Every year

I pick out a different costume.One year, I got black sweat pants and

a black long sleeved shirt. I glued gauze on it so I would look like a

mummy. I got a lot of compliments for the costume, but I got really

hot. It’s fun to see all the different costumes people pick out.
I like to trick-or -treat too. When we get home, after we’ve gone trick-or-treating, the first thing I always do is sort through my candy and trade it with my sisters if I don’t like it.

If you ever find yourself in Maine during the fall season, you can remember that it’s fun to trick-or-treat on Halloween, see the leaves change colors, and play fall sports.