Grace DiPierro

Grace DiPierro

6th Grade

All Saints Catholic School


Mrs. Whitney



Soothing Summer



The warm summer breeze blows across my face, and the air smells like freshly mowed grass. From the hot rays of the sun, to the cool, refreshing feel of the blue pool water, I love the summertime! It is definitely my favorite season! The weather in the summertime is very predictable – usually a clear, sunny, summer day with no clouds in the sky. It’s even nicer when the rays of the sun shine down on everything around it.




One reason I enjoy my summertime is there is no school! I have no responsibilities related to school: no homework, no projects, and no reports. I also don’t have to worry about getting up early or being late for school. I absolutely love to have time to sleep in, especially on really bright days when the sun is glistening through my bedroom window, telling me to wake up and not my alarm clock.




The summer is a wonderful opportunity to travel to different places, see different places and different perspectives. It’s also really fun to visit my family because I never get a chance during the school year. The summer is a great time to go to the warm, sandy beaches and go swimming, or get a tan. I love to travel during the summer because I can usually enjoy myself and relax wherever we go! Plus, just being able to spend time with my family highlights my summer completely.




The Fourth of July illuminates my summer. I adore when the fireworks boom and bang, echoing throughout the night as they light up the sky. Then everyone around can see the fireworks and their sophisticated colors and shapes. I also just admire lighting streamers with my family and watching the streamers burn out while watching the fireworks explode in the distance.




The summer is a colorful, bright, warm, energizing, and spectacular season to enjoy. That’s why I love the summertime. It makes me happy that I can spend time with my family, whether we travel, swim, or just hang out at home. Summer truly is my favorite season of the year!