Growing Beauty

Growing Beauty

My Favorite Place in Maine

Maya Sealander

8th Grade

Brooklin School

Brooklin, Maine

Ms. Rebecca Turner and Ms. Halina Nawrot


Of all the places that I know in Maine, the one that I love most is the Boothbay Botanical Gardens. I have never been a garden-loving person, but this place really took my breath away. All of my senses were delighted when I went there, and when it was time to go, I didn’t want to leave.

The day I visited I was in a bad mood, and was nowhere near letting myself get dragged around and forced to look at flowers. To me, there were better things I could be doing. I kept my cool, and walked in behaving myself. It was a hot day, and I really didn’t want to be outside, but I went with it, and walked with my family through the sculptures and plants.

Our first stop was the Garden of the Five Senses. Being a food lover, I naturally wanted to go there. To my misfortune, the “taste” section was just a garden with tomatoes, eggplants, and basil. As we entered the “touch” section, I felt lamb’s ear plants, which brought back memories of planting those in a flowerbed with Girl Scouts a few years ago. In that section, I also got to walk barefoot on a stress-relieving stone labyrinth. The “hear” section was also interactive. There was a big stone with holes carved in it. If you stuck your head in the hole and hummed, the noise would amplify around your head. I also liked the “smell” section, where plants of all types gave you a wonderful aroma of flavors, and filled your head with pleasing smells.

We then went to the children’s garden. There were sculptures and activities representing Maine books. They had a metal bear sculpture and a metal bucket of blueberries tipped over that represented Blueberries for SaL There was also a dock with a lobster crate, along with a replication of the Tidly Idly from Burt Dow: Deep Water Man. I had read those books hundreds of times when I was younger, and it reminded me of my early childhood. Even though I am no longer a little kid, I truly enjoyed that section of the garden.

I think that everyone in the world should be able to visit a wonderful place like the Boothbay Botanical Gardens. There is definitely something for everyone to enjoy, whether you are looking at flowers of every color, admiring sculptures, or gazing in awe at $150,000 stone figures. All the people around me were cheerful, and even I, a moody pre-teen, had a good time.