Hannah Sprague

Hannah Sprague

Grade 7

Rose Gaffeny School

Mrs. Shaw

Maine vacation


My favorite place in Maine is Schoodic lake, with its charming atmosphere and its calming blue waters. I sit on my camps porch sometimes, gazing out at the cool waters with its own miniwaves from the near by jet skis. I love to lay back and feel the rays of the warming sun on my face. I then walk down to the scalding sand, it feels like a crunchy heating blanket under my toes. The water, my favorite part of camp. Its so calm and blue, usually warm like a blanket of baby blue. I dive in off the thick, short, wooden dock and into the depths of the awaiting water. It hugs me tightly with its arms as I plunge into its depths. Sometimes I feel curious sun fish nibbling on my toes, I thrash about through the water when that happens. Trying to escape its clutches. After I escape I flop on the sand like a fish out of water~ a warm, sandy blanket covers me, trying to smother me. I get up and shake it off but the sand is clingy. I then plunge back into the waters warm arms, trying to escape the sandy prison I am in. I have to carefully climb onto the dock, which rocks back and forth and tries to toss me back into the water abyss. I am tough though so I have the strength to yankmyself onto the face of the dock. Sometimes I lay my feet in the clear waters and watch the small ripples of the sun on the bottom of the water. The warm sun on my back, warming me from the coldness of the wet. After awhile I walk up the dock leaving wet foot prints.




The sand surrounds me, waiting for me to fall into its clutches once again. I make it to the steps leading up to the deck, the deck has many broken steps and is a wooden death trap if you ask mel Anyway I take the chance and start climbing up the trap of



broken steps and splinters, I make it without falling through the giant gap through the steps. Its my fault the gap is there, I stepped on a weak board once a few years back and I went through the stairs. It hurt terribly I I grab a towel off the warm porch, I dry myself off and lay in a small lawn chair with a umbrella on the top. I gaze out at the beautiful horizon, it makes me smile. I see birds flying through the clear, cloudless sky. I hear the sound of the lakes waves gently slapping the sand. I hear the sizzle of hotdogs on the grill from our fire pit, they smell delightful.. I hear my sister yelling as my brother and her argue about who should get to cook theirhotdog first. I hear me father grunting as he lugs a armful of wood to the fire. My dogs, Chase and Baylea are playing as they twist and turn through the sand. My mom is sitting quietly in a arm chair as she reads some cheesy romance novel.




Life at camp is wonderful I I go into the camp, the first room is a small living room with nothing but a few chairs and a card table. On the card table there is a deck of old, crustyplaying cards and a candle. I slide the sliding door and go into the kitchen. A fridge stands near the other end of the kitchen, next to a stove and a nonworking sink. A table sitsin the center of the room and off to the side is a sofa, big enough to seat two. I then have two choices, walking up the steep steeps to the room where Caleb, Lani and I sleep or my parents room. My parents room is nothing more then a bed and


a dresser, covered in cool darkness. My room is nothing more then a blow up double bed and a small cot. We never really stay inside unless its pitch black outside. I go outside and eat lunch with my family, the smell of the fire makes my nose burn. The black, thickening smoke makes me cough. Roasting hotdogs over the fire though is fun, the skin of the hotdog crackles and it smells delicious. Mymom makes me put on



sunblock, after we put it on the whole camp smells like sunblock all day long. Sometimes I walk up and down the sand with my dogs, as they frolic though the sand. One summer, my brothers best friend Dallas came to camp with us. He is like a brother to us. We found a old, ragged, surfboard under the deck. We all thought it would be fun to name this surf board  like a real person. Dallas thought of the name Carl, we all loved the idea and to be honest I have no clue why! Everyone loved Carl! We fought over him all the time! Dallas once went out in the old, tipsy paddle boat to have Carl all to himself. I couldn’t swim all that well at the time so I threw on a life jacket and


paddled out to him. Oh memories   camp is a paridise in its own. Night times at camp are sad just because of the death of the smothering fire and the retirment of our swimmimg and fishing. The night iscrisp and beautiful in its own mysterious way. The water seems to have a ghostly blue glow off the piercing rays of the pure white moon. The sound of the water is so calming and graceful…. like a fine, quiet whisper. The fire sleeps after it eats the wood we feed it, like a hibernating bear in the winter time. The fire eats then sleeps… reavealing its dieing breaths…. hot orange coals  Night times are usually spent playing blackjack with the old, crusty cards. Once Dallas and I bet things… I lost! Luckily though I bet Lani. We have a little generator we pluge into the car. We usually use it a half hour a night… we just don’t have enough candles to keep the light bright enough to see it our camp. I hate the generator though, it disturbs the night and the beauty fades behind the loud roar of the generator. After the generator is


out and its time to go to sleep, I sit on the deck and feel the cool, crisp kisses of night on my cheek. I love the to look at the water, its peacefulness puts me in awe. I go to bed after I get my eyes full of the night time beauty.



I lay on the double blow up bed with Dallas and Caleb. I sleep near their feet, Dallas foot stink smells worse thenthe outhouse! Sometimes when Caleb, Lan!, Dallas and I cant doze off. We play games. We play games like guess the number and I spy with my little eye. I spy got old quick because there was almost no light, only the ghostly


whisper of the moon. Also we only had two things in that little room…, two beds as I said earlier. After everyone is asleep I open the curtains of the large window and gaze


at the beauty of the lake until I can’t see straight, I doze off quickly, excited for the next day. In the morning I wake up before Caleb, Lani and Dallas. I try my hardest to wake up at sun rise, I wake up and run down the squeaky steps and out the clanky front door and down the death trap of steps. I run down the dock and sit at the edge. The beauty of this view is breath taking. I sit in awe, my eyes wide. The water is silet, no jet skis or swimmers have disturbed the beauty of the still sleeping water. The sun is just


rising, glowing golden orange lights on the water. I dip in my toes and shiver, the water is as cold as ice. I see sun fish, they swim gracefully out from under the dock. I sit still


and watch them. I sometimes take the paddle boat out a little ways and fish. The fish are livly in the morning. I never keep what I catch, I hate killing the little fish!




Once my parents wake up they cook breakfast, usually eggs or cereal. No one usually eats breakfeast though, the excitement of the lake is enough. Dallas and Caleb go on their morning fishing trip in the paddle boat while Lani plays pirate in the sand. I


usually just sit at the dock with my toes in the water. Dad lays in thehammock as it sways back and forth. Mom is cooking breakfast as we speak. BREAKFAST! My mom calls out the door, everyone takes their slow time coming back. On rare accations, we tell her not to cook at all! After a quick and hardy breakfast we run out to adventure of



the day! Soon though…. our time at camp is through. We pack up everything and stuff it in the car. I take my last quick swim through the delicate waters. I dry off and dip my toes in the water and smile one last time as the warm rays of the sun touch me. Soon though, its time to leave. We all get in the car and watch the camp disappear behind us inthe shadows of the tress. I sit in the car day dreaming about all my adventures…. next year I tell myself  next year.