Hannah Valliere

Hannah Valliere

7th Grade

All Saints Catholic School


Mrs. Whitney



The Center of the Known Universe


Many people may think Bar Harbor or Camden are the best places to plan a trip to in Maine, but a great deal of people haven’t heard of Bucksport. Tourists may just go to Bar Harbor or Camden just because it’s the only place they’ve heard of in travel brochures. Bucksport is my favorite place to go in Maine, along with other towns close by. They have beautiful decor on the lampposts, and boundless activities to do. Bucksport is a picturesque little town that displays many of Maine’s unique characteristics, such as the leisureliness and tranquility.


There are a lot of little nonpareil things for the whole family to do in Bucksport, especially in the summer such as parks, hiking, and more. There is a golf and country club, trails and walkways in Bucksport, including the Riverwailk that goes for a a full mile along the shore and docks on the river. There are also numerous ponds and lakes with camps. During the summer they hold their annual Bay Festival held right along the riverfront, where there is music, boat cruises, fireworks, vendors, parades, fun runs, and other celebrations held in the summer. At Silver Lake, a lot of ice skating takes place in the wintertime, and at nearby Great Pond Mountain, you can hike and there are many trails.


Bucksport is home to many little shops and restaurants like Bookstacks, Ming’s Garden, McCleod’s, Bittersweet Gift Shop, Sheehan’s Florist and Gift Shop and many more places, like the Buck Memorial Library and the Alamo Theater. A



great place to get ice cream is The Dairy Port. They have an assortment of different types of sundaes, floats, etcetera. They have soft serve ice cream and every day they have an odd flavor, for example, banana, watermelon and many others, prepared by ice cream artisans.


Bucksport is close to the ocean and many other astonishing towns,, such as Searsport, Belfast, Verona Island, Blue Hill and Castine. On Verona Island, there are many little shops. One of my favorites is The Unique Rock Shop, which is an interesting little shop only open in the summer. They have rare rocks, minerals, gems, jewelry, and other eccentric items you won’t find anywhere else. You can crack geodes there, which is immensely fun to do. Connecting Verona Island and Prospect is the Penobscot Narrows Bridge. On top of the bridge is an observatory, which is the tallest bridge observatory is the western hemisphere, and overlooks the Penobscot River. In Blue Hill there are many seaside restaurants with delectable seafood caught fresh right there on the harbor.


Overall, I believe that Bucksport is the top destination in “Vacationland.” This area is truly superior to other places. Bucksport has so many interesting things to do and places to see. The town is full of remarkable attractions and exquisite views no other town has. If you are planning a getaway vacation, Bucksport is a most delightful place to be.