~ach Heece


Grade 7


Houlton Jr High School

Houlton, Me

Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Maino is knovvn as a vacaL:iorilauid and part at vvhy its a vacationland Jlrs.Peabody


is Old Orchard Beach. Part of why I think Old Orchard Beach is a


great place to havaa vacation is becaLiso – rnilesof white, sandy beaches, great hotels within/on the beach, great food, a beachside amusement park and more! Some of the hotels are great like the Sea View resort.

We stayed at the Seaview many years ago with our family ~nd dogs. Everyone at the Sea View were kind and actually when I would come hack from the beach the staff was in our room petting and sitting with my two labs. It was nice to know that you are welcomed. The SeaView is always recommended by me to anyone I run into that wants to go to OOB. We haven’t stayed in years because of the fact that we bought a camper. Since then we have sold it. So therefore, we are looking forward to coming in the near future and staying at the Sea View. Even though we have not stayed in years, every year we get a post card. The Sea View is clean and well maintained by the employees and owners. Thank You, Julie Rackliffe.


Also there is a great sort of entertainment like Palace Playland, Funtown Splashtown USA, White water rafting with wind fall rafting and



Pirates cove golf. So if your thinking of a vacation in Maine, think of Old Orchard Sec oh.