Isis Heyman

isis Heyman
Grade 6
Lamoine School
Lamoine, ME 04605
Teacher:    Ms. Carol Dully


Spring is my favorite season. Why, you ask? Well I will tell you. This is why spring is my favorite season…

One reason that spring is my favorite season is because of all the pretty flowers that come out in the spring. My favorite is called the Anemone because its really pretty. I also like to eat some of the edible flowers like violets 🙂 yum!. I like all the pretty smells of the flowers as well.

Another reason is that my birthday is in May which is in the spring. I like to go outside on my birthday and eat the yummy berries. My favorite is the raspberry. On my birthday, my little sister picks my a bunch of flowers for me… that is fun!

I also really love to swim in the springtime! It’s really fun because almost nobody swims in the springtime, but I know a nice warm pond to swim in. It’s one of the best seasons. I also like the summertime…