Janet Geiger

Janet Geiger



Grade 7


HoultonJr High School



Houlton ,Maine 04730




Bar Harbor, Maine



Bar Harbor, Maine is a vacationland. I think Bar Harbor is a great place.


There is so much to do there! You can shop down town at all the amazing places.


– –              Then go swimming or boating in the harbor, you could also go camping. Maybe even go hiking at Acadia National Park. That’s why I think Bar Harbor is an amazing, beautiful place.Three things that make Bar Harbor a wonderful place are:-Acadia National Park, downtown, and the harbor. If you are not into sho~5ping, there are always beach combing or hiking or even camping. If your not one for the outdoors, there is shopping. There are great selection of restaurants serving a number of great Maine meals such at lobster and other sea food dishes. If you don’t like sea food, there are always there are great tasting Maine wild blueberries. So you see Bar Harbor is a great place for everyone: So in other words, a vacationland.