Jayda Bailey

            Jayda Bailey

6th Grade

                                                All Saints Catholic School












Winter’s Wonders


Thump! A pile of snow falls from the roof to the ground. What a wonderful season it is! The snow is so beautiful and white, and when you look at snowflakes up close, they have their own unique design. Some people prefer to sit in front of the fire sipping warm, sweet, hot chocolate while others love to go outside and make snow forts. Either way, it seems winter brings families together. Is it because it is the holiday season? Or maybe because people love to plan family events?




Crash! The sled hits a snow bank and everyone falls out, laughing. Winter also brings sports such as skiing, sledding, tubing, snow boarding, and more. It brings smiles to people’s faces to do the things they enjoy. Certain sports can be for kids and/or adults so the entire family can have a great time together.




Sniff! The air is filled with fresh, frosty snowflakes and the scent of warm cookies wafting out of the kitchen window. Children are running inside for hot cocoa to warm


their bodies from the inside out. This time of year is a great time for baking. In addition


to baking, raw cookie dough is delicious. Save some batter for the cookies, though!

Crackle! I love to sit in front of the cozy fire, watching the flames dart this way and that, while telling stories. It’s as if you’re at a campfire, only indoors. The best stories are either memories or spooky stories. To top it off, you can grab a mug of hot


cocoa, and maybe some marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars for some gooey, crunchy, chocolatey s’mores!



Ahhhhh! The next time the snow is falling, or someone is making delicious delights, go ahead and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of winter. Gather your family and friends, sit in front of the fire, and enjoy this most magical season!