Jennah Blake

Jennab l~Iake


Houlton Jr. Higk Sckooi

Hou~ton, Maine 0+750

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In Fireepoirt, Maine, there are things to do that both boys and girls will enjoy. For the girls and boys, there are more than 100 stores to shop at, if you get hungry while staying in Freeport there are a



variety of restaurants to choose from. Also, Freeport is a nice place for taking a walk on the sidewalks. You can do other things too, like, bird watching, going to the beaches, visit the lighthouses and art galleries, learn about the history, play golf,hiking, boating. You should go here if you have children, or for a time alone with your loved one(sI~. Freeport, Maine, is home to the “Dessert of Maine,”



LL. Bean is the most popular store, The store owners decided to keep it open 24 hours a day. South Freeport is the largest waterfront village. This place has a lot of farming, and economic activities, too. It’s a great vacationing spot.



Freeport was once a part of North Yarmouth, lIt was incorporated on Febroary 14, 1789. Casco Castle and amusement park was built there by Amos Gerald, You’ll never run out of things to do in Freeport, Maine!