John Ross

John Ross              L.A.

January 9, 2012              8S

Rose Gaff ney School

Grade 8

Mrs. Shaw


My favorite place in Maine is in Portland. It is the Portland Pirates home rink. I have seen three of their games. The inside has a walkway where you can buy drinks, food, and you can buy souvenirs. The outside looks like an ordinary building.

When you walk into the building you can smell the food. I could smell the nice juicy burgers and the nachos and most of all I could smell the popcorn.

Not only can you smell all that delicious food you can also hear the music blaring as you walk in. My mom didn’t care for it. She doesn’t like anything to loud. You go into this huge room and you can hear the guy on the speaker talking about how many people there are in the stadium and how the crowd is really excited about the game. Well at this game the announcer was a guy with such a deep voice it echoed in the room so he had to talk slow.

That time I went to the game my cousin and I went to a separate part of the stadium that was singing the songs. After ten songs they finally played Highway To Hell by AC/DC. My cousin and I along with everyone else started to sing that song. Later on we were told that people could hear us from outside. I thought that was pretty funny.

Then they started the game.

During the game a fist fight broke out. The referees didn’t stop them. Both of the players were slipping on the ice. The fight lasted four minutes. It was hilarious.

My cousin and I went out to get some concessions during half-time. I got two hot dogs, nachos, a soda (2 liter) and a popcorn. After that we went back to our seats. Later on the Pirates made this insane goal. They came down the ice and passed the puck to the right and then shot it all the way across and came up behind the gaol and shot the puck acrossreally quick and then score with a snap shot.

I got a couple things for souvenirs. I bought a hat, a jersey, and a puck and stick. When we left, my cousin called some of his friends and we played street hockey. It was fun. I scoredseven times and ran into the other team about a billion times. What can I say hockey is a physicalcontact sport.

Another time I was there they were playing a movie. I was there for a boy scouts meeting. No I was not in the boy scouts my cousin was. They were going to race cars that they made. The movie was awesome. After that was over they put on some music. They played a little bit of Eminem, rock, and a few other artists that weren’t that bad.

When they were done they would announce the top ten. My cousin got a medal but not a trophy. He was pretty bummed out. So we went to his favorite restaurant. That cheered him up.

When we got back to the house we watched the pros play hockey. It was awesome. They werehitting each other and bumping into each other. During half-time they got the Zamboni out and polished the ice. My cousin and I went out to get some food during half-time. I got two hot dogs and nachos. When they finished the ice both teams came out on the ice. They got into position and started the game again. After an hour the game was over. The Bruins won.



That is what I like most about Maine.