Jonathan Massaad

Jonathan Massaad

Grade 7

Rose Gaffney School


Mrs. Shaw





Sugar Loaf





My vacationland in Maine is Sugarloaf. It is a Big skiing and snowboarding resort with a gondola that takes you from the bottom to the top of the resort.( The top is where you start, you go up the gondola and thats were you really ski and snowboard) I hate skiing though so to me it is a snowboarding resort. I’m mostly a single Snowboarder because when I snowboard with other people I get crowded and I don’t have enough room to do my own stuff. Sugar Loaf is an awesome place to be it is fun, exciting and really really cold. So if your wearing jeans and a short sleeve shirt you can kiss your life goodbye because your gonna freeze your but off. If your in one of the Snowboarding clubs at Sugar Loaf they have these Freestyle contests and races that you compete in. They have judges that rate you 1-10 and you have ten rounds to show your skills. If you come in first you get a gold medal if you come in second you get a silver medal and if you come in last you get a bronze medal. The best part while your snowboarding at Sugar Loaf is when your going strait down a steep hill and the breeze in your face, the adrenaline rushing inside of you, the fear that your gonna crash and die and the sun shining so bright so you can see the flashy white snow. After your done the day skiing or snowboarding they have these party’s for the snowboarders and skiers their not that fun but it is kinda cool. You watch movies, dance, play video games and make arts and crafts. Sugar loaf is also the place were you make friends and relationships are started, or ended and someone gets their heart broken. Its the place where snowboarders and skiers can be their self instead of people telling them you stink at that or you stink at this. You can also go up the ski lift to get to a bigger mountain. All you do is sit, wait, and finally you jump off and ski down this little hill but it is still fun. The funniest thing you see at Sugar Loaf is grown men in size 5.5” ski’s going down a black diamond mountain with trees everywhere holding their poles in their hands and shaking. You can also watch experts go on awesome jumps and go 50 miles per hour down the hill. One guy did a 360 while doing a back flip and landed it I was shocked so bad I snapped out of it after an hour. One time their was this little kid who skied through a bush of snow and after he got out of the bush he lost one ski and the snowmobile guy had to ride him back to the bottom of the hill to get another ski. The little kid was crying because it took so much time to get his ski and had only like 15 minutes left to ski before the resort was closed. There is also one of these restaurants were you watch the chefs cook your meal



after its a warm meal that tastes so good. But the awesomest thing of Sugar Loaf is being at Sugar Loaf with your family and friends because without them its like your a hobo on the streets begging for money holding an old tomato soup can and all you have for company is a stick that’s your best friend. So for a reminder don’t go to Sugar Loaf without a friend or Family Member.