Josie Hare

Josie Hare

Grade 7

Houlton Jr/Sr. High School

Houlton, Maine 04730

Mrs. Peabody




Millinocket, ME

A beautiful view, wonderful wildlife, miles and miles of trees, lakes,


beaches, and rivers. What is this wonderful state? The state of Maine! With 200,000 acres of land Baxter State Park is no doubt is my favorite. Mountain Katahdin a great hike and a wonderful view is my favorite part of the whole park! The water, particularly Ledge Falls, is my absolute favorite. Running in the water and swimming in the warm flowing water Ledge Falls is one of the most visited places in Baxter State Park. Even though I think it


is amazing someone might think, “Too long of a ride,” or “We’ll get lost and never find our way out!” Families worry too much and should just have fun, enjoy time with family, and view of everything in the park, even the


mountains especially. The smell of fresh air and the new people you can meet. So, with all the beautiful views, wonderful wildlife, and miles and miles of trees and lakes isBaxter State Park is my favorite!