Kaitlyn Berube

Kaitlyn Berube

7th Grade

All Saints Catholic School


Mrs. Whitney


Marvelous Part of Maine



My favorite place in the state of Maine is Bar Harbor. Many people think this is the best place to be in the summer, because of the ocean and all the scenery. Even though I am not a tourist, it is THE place to be, as far as I am concerned.


If you live far away from Bar Harbor, and don’t want to drive from your house to Bar Harbor every day, or don’t want to leave all the amusing places to be in Bar Harbor, you can get a hotel room. They have a variety of hotels.


If you are not the person who likes to sleep in hotels, you can camp. There are many camping spots in Bar Harbor. My favorite campground in Bar Harbor is Smuggler’s Den. There are also many hiking trails you can hike on, as all the woods in Bar Harbor are very enjoyable.


During holidays, if you can’t find the perfect present you are looking for, go to Bar Harbor, there are many shops. There are kid, clothes, hiking, book, antique, and lots more shops in Bar Harbor. It might take you a long time to shop. Conveniently, you don’t have to pack a lunch, there are many restaurants in Bar Harbor.


Bar Harbor sits beside the ocean. If you have a boat, you can ride your boat on the ocean. They also give boat rides. There is a lobster boat, where the captain drives the boat out into the waters, and you can catch lobsters. They tell you all about lobsters, and they let you look at the lobster. There is also a beach along the ocean where the



visitors are allowed to swim. The sand is really soft at the beach; if you want to sit back and relax, you are able to do so.


In Bar Harbor, there are many mountains. My favorite mountain is Cadillac


Mountain. You can see the ocean from Cadillac Mountain and you can also see most of


Bar Harbor from the top. You can almost hear the sizzling sound of the water from atop the mountain.


This truly is the best summer place to be in Maine. My favorite part of Bar Harbor is the beach, because I love swimming, and the sand is relaxing. Why don’t you join me this summer in beautiful Bar Harbor?