Keith Adams

Keith Adams

7th Grade

All Saints Catholic School



Mrs. Whitney


Maine and

Its Own Winter Wonderland

Sugar Loaf is the winter wonderland you have been waiting for. There is skiing, snowboarding, their own radio station, trainers for the kids, and a college for those who want to turn professional. There are houses to rent, great stores, and restaurants that have food to die for. So come on over to Sugar Loaf! Yes, Sugar Loaf.



The first great thing about Sugar Loaf is the down hill skiing. There are hills for every skill level. The trainers are really helpful; they try to teach you everything they know. I learned quite a few tricks there myself. The snowboarders will have fun as well with three half pipes and a lot of jumps. Skiers are also allowed to use jumps and half pipe. There have been many professional skiers and snow boarders who have been down the magnificent mountain. There probably are some of the professionals there right now.



I should tell you more about the lodges and restaurants that this mountain has. The also have very nice cabins to rent. I have stayed in a cabin there and they are really nice. The restaurants are fantastic. The food is pretty cheap as well as



exquisite. I would know! The lodges have vending machines with all the drinks you can think of. The have snacks, too. The are ski shops and small restaurants in the lodges.



The lodges are the greatest place to rest after a long run down the mountain. There are lodges spread throughout the mountain as well, so you could be on the middle of the course and take a break with some warm hot chocolate.



The college on top of Sugar Loaf is for people who think they are good enough to go pro. The radio station next to the college has all your favorite songs, and they occasionally do requests for charities or for fun. The college is fairly small, but they have had pro instructors there to teach them tricks or other fantastic things they might need to know. This college is also one of the only colleges to give “recess” breaks, but the breaks are so the students have a whole lot of time to ski down the mountain. In the summer they have phenomenal hiking trails. When I was younger I went on one of the trails; it was a sight to see!



This is the place to go, trust me. Well, if you don’t want to go after this get someone else’s opinion and they will tell you how spectacular it is. It IS the best place in Maine they will say, and some will even say it’s the winter wonderland of Maine. It is not too late to go try it out for yourself. In fact, I’m going on there during February vacation. See you there!