Kimi-Jo Krug

Prevention of Bullying


If someone is being bullied, it means that someone else is intimidating or harming them. Bullying is a big thing in many schools, and the lives of many people. Everyone has experienced it, whether they were tormented at school or just by their siblings. Each year, 2.7 million students are bullied. Because of bullying, over 7 percent of students have attempted suicide.


In my opinion, bullying isn’t being taken care of as well as it should be. I never hear anyone reporting about being bullied at my school, -even though everyone knows it takes place. I know the school tries to prevent it, but it doesn’t work. I think more steps should be taken towards preventing bullying.


In a lot of cases, people find out that the person doing the bullying, was bullied before. One reference towards bullying that I love is, “Do you realize the words you say leave bruises that won’t fade away”, from Megan and Liz Mace’s song “Are You Happy Now?”. Once someone experiences bullying, they never forget it. Sometimes they want to let that anger out on someone else, and that’s why they become the bully.


I believe that there are many different reasons for bullying, whether it be growing up in a bad home or social statuses. Sometimes people bully other people, just because it gives them more confidence when they’re putting someone else down. Another thing about bullying, is that people use social networking sites like Facebook and Formspring to say mean things to people, because they have more confidence behind a computer than they do face-to-face. This, of course, is cyber bullying.


I do believe that bullying can be prevented, but I don’t think it can be stopped all together. I think social networking sites are fine, but people should use them for the right reasons. At schools, hallways and parking lots should be monitored more. If someone sees someone being bullied, or is bullied themselves, they normally don’t tell any adults because that gives them a bad reputation, and everything thinks of them as a “snitch,” I don’t think they should be worried about their reputation because in only a few short years they won’t see most of those people again, so they should get it taken care of when it needs to be.


Whenever someone bullies someone else, I don’t believe that they think of the consequences it could cause for them, or the other person. No one thinks about whether or not the person is going to break down and take their life. They never think of how far what they say can go, and that’s why students still bully. I think people need to think about that, before they say hurtful things to people. This is why I think bullying should be prevented.