Kiona Osterlin

Kiona Osterlin
Grade Six
Ellsworth Elementary Middle School
Mrs. Anderson

After summer comes fall, the best season of the year. Some people may not like fall, because it comes to drown out the summer heat, but to me it’s like the beginning of another adventure. Fall is the season of crisp air and bright colors. Red, orange, yellow, and brown leaves litter the ground and cling to the trees, not yet ready to leave, and give the tree that skeletal winter look.
Then my family bursts out of the house, rakes clutched in our hands. I love to make paths in the leaves, so all the grass that has been covered is peeping out once more. As soon as the leaves are all raked into a big colorful pile, we race to be the first one to jump in. Suddenly you are engulfed in crunchy leaves, their sweet smell wafting up to your nose, as they seem to wrap you in a blanket. Over and over we plunge in, laughing and throwing fistfuls of leaves into the air until it is time to go back inside, our hair and clothes adorned with many leaves.
Also, the fall is apple season. Every year we drive to an apple orchard with our friends. Hopping out of the car, we each grab a bag and find the apples we like. Some trees are gnarled and others are straight. All of them bear delicious apples though, so it doesn’t matter which tree you pick from. When I sink my teeth into the crunchy, juicy apple, a burst of flavor shoots like fireworks throughout my mouth. The fun doesn’t end there though, for after picking, my friends and I race through the orchard, playing tag, shouting to one another, and hiding in the grass. At last we go home, and in the next day or two, the smell of cooking apples and cinnamon pervades the house as we make delicious apple pie, apple crisps, and lots of applesauce.
Then it’s Halloween! My family each gets a pumpkin to carve into an evil or friendly face. Pulp flies as we scoop out our pumpkins. Orange grime peeks out from under my fingernails and a thin layer of slime coats my hands, but that’s all part of the fun. You poke knives into the thick shell of the pumpkin and start to carve. When we’re finished, four faces stare at us, waiting for dark, when they can be lit with candles, and can give off their ghostly glow. Soon the moon starts to rise and we tromp out of the house in our costumes, hoping to give someone a scare. Other people are out and about too, dressed as ghosts, skeletons, witches, all the things that would give you a spook. We knock on doors and yell “Trick or Treat,” though everyone always gives us candy; we don’t get any tricks. Then we head on home with our bags full of candy, feeling contented that it was such a fun night.
That is why I love the fall, and maybe you’ll like it now, too. But I’ll still be excited for winter…