Lanie Reid

Lanie Reid
Grade Six
Ellsworth Elementary Middle School
Mrs. Anderson

The beach, lemonade, barbeques. .. . are all some of my favorite things to do in the summer. I love summer because its the perfect time to kick back and relax. My family has quite a few different ways of doing that. Here, let me share them with you.

Summer is my favorite season. It always has been and it probably always will be. I just love being able to stay outside until nine o’clock catching fireflies, putting them in mason jars with holes in the top, and putting them all lined up on the front porch, shining for the whole world to see. Playing out on the swing set, swimming in the lake, having sleep overs, is all part of delectable warm temperatures and scrumptious meals.

During the summer, I set up a lemonade stand. We called it Lanie’s Luscious Lemonade, and I made almost three hundred dollars throughout the summer. I set up every Saturday morning at Annie’s Pride Farm and General Store, because my grandparents own it. I made probably ten to fifteen batches of lemonade, and had to buy two boxes of two hundred lemons.

My family enjoys camping. We usually go to Patton Pond and take several families with us. We take our big camper and our bikes and we bike around the campground all the time that we are there. There are a few other families who are there when we are there who we are pretty close with also, though, and we also camp with them.

My dad has to work during the summer, so my mom is usually the one who takes my brother and me to the beach. We go to Jenkin’s Beach, Echo Lake, Green Lake Public Boat Landing, and Branch Pond. We go to Green Lake the most, because I live very close to it, but our favorite is Jenkin’s Beach. We really like Branch Pond too, though. My mom brings fun things to the beach, like water squirters, and my brother and I like to have wars against each other.

Whether it’s the warm breezes, or the dandelions, I love summer, and I think that it is the best season of all!