Lauren Burkard

Student Name: Lauren Burkard
Grade: 6
School:    Searsport District Middle/High School
Town:    Stockton Springs
Teacher: Amanda Pullen

Fall is the best season of the year because of all the fun activities. Apple picking is a big time favorite. Who likes exploring in the colorful woods? I know I do! Then there’s the first big holiday in fall. . . HALLOWEEN! Don’t forget to carve your pumpkin! Also, you can stuff your turkey, because here comes Thanksgiving!
Apple picking can be a fun experience to most everyone for several reasons. The fresh smell of an apple is delightful, picking them is a lot of fun, and the result of picking them. . . FRESH BAKED TREATS! There are a lot of edibles you can make with apples. There’s apple crisp, apple pie, and my favorite, apple cider! Have you ever eaten a fresh apple right off of the tree? I know I have, and it was the best apple I have ever eaten!
Exploring in the wondrous woods is what I enjoy most about nature. My favorite part is to just walk outside and see the leaves changing color. It really is a beautiful sight. Also you can smell the distinct scent of woodsmoke (which doesn’t smell pleasant) and hear the luxurious sound of songbirds.
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It is just so much fun to dress up and be out late at night. It gives you a chance to have some quality family time. Another big part of Halloween is carving pumpkins, and this is one of my family traditions. Also, when you gut your pumpkins you can save the seeds and roast them for a tasty snack!
I love Thanksgiving because it celebrates what you are thankful for, and there is usually a large feast! Thanksgiving gives you a chance to just sit back and relax. Plus, there is usually a wishbone in the turkey. If you get the bigger half of the wishbone, your wish will come true!
So, as you can see, fall is the most glorious season (well, to me anyway). I hope you and your family can enjoy these activities as much as I do!