Lindsay Bland

Lindsay Bland
Grade Six
Ellsworth Elementary Middle School
Mrs. Anderson

The sun, the blue sky, the ocean, cook-outs with the family and slush puppies. What could get better? Think about it, sitting on the beach, playing in the waves in 80 degree weather while drinking a bubble gum slush puppy. It makes my mouth water while I’m thinking about it. As you can see, summer is my favorite season and soon it might be yours too.

The first reason I love summer is because the weather is so warm. That’s one of the reasons why I hate winter, my hands always feel like they’re frozen! But in summer it’s pretty much always warm and sunny. You could go swimming at the beach or tan on your bright green lawn, it doesn’t matter as long as I’m warm. I usually go down to my camp on the ocean where the cold water rushes up against my toes and my cousins are yelling with joy. Up on the lawn the adults are talking and grilling burgers. When it’s warm out our family usually has more fun together because we can do more things as a family.

Another reason I love summer is we have no school. That means I can hang out and do as I please. I could hang out with my friends, go buy a slush puppy, swim in my pool or just relax and watch television. It doesn’t matter as long as I’m having fun in the sun.

My favorite thing about summer is my family’s camp on the ocean. We meet there about every Sunday to have a barbeque. The kids all bring our bathing suits and we rush into the ocean like it’s 80 degrees but it’s not! Then we all rush out and beg our uncle to
take us tubing. Since we don’t have a boat there, my uncle just pulls us around but it’s still fun. We fall out and splash everyone around us, then we get used to the cold water on our skin and go swimming. We also have a” big rock” as we like to call it. It’s huge! When the tide is out we go and climb up it and look into the water and yell to our parents. When the tide comes back in just a little, everybody comes out on the rock and we jump and the cold water and a rush goes through our bodies. Then we go back up to the lawn and eat burgers. When the sun goes down the kids play with sparkerlers.

This is why summer is my favorite season. Warm weather, no school and family barbeques. What more could a girl want?