Lindsay Nevin

Lindsay Nevin
Grade Six
Brooklin School,Brooklin Maine,
Ms. Rebecca Turner, Ms. Halina Nawrot

Little Kids Smiling, and White Snow Gleaming

Winter is my favorite season of all four. Usually people say “Oh! Summer is the best season of all because it’s warm!” But they don’t know what they’re missing.
The children are squealing as their siblings are playfully throwing snowballs at them. They are packing down snow forts to hide in, trying to hold their breath as the seekers walk by. The middle aged men are playing hockey on Brigg’s Pond in Brooklin. They are crawling on the grass patches, trying to reach the puck, but they don’t want to ruin their skates. Fighting for the puck, they quickly skate down the side, and smile as they score a goal. Meanwhile, the kids have to skate in the edges so we don’t get in the way of the game. We skate as fast as we can while the men are racing along the side to the end so they can score.
When I look like at the snow on the trees I feel like I’m in a picture on a postcard or in a movie. When I walk along the snowy streets, where it is quiet and peaceful, I don’t believe how beautiful it is. Breathing in the fresh air and taking it all in, I think to myself, is this real?
Most of the stores are having big sales for the holidays, and employees are being overly nice so as not to scare off their customers. People are getting overly excited about sales. They hurry along to make sure they get what they want. Buying gifts for their children, aunts, uncles, moms, dads, and friends.
Teachers are asking the kids the answer to a question, but the kids aren’t listening. They’re too busy waiting for the last bell to ring on the last day of school before vacation. They’re hoping they don’t get too much homework, for they want to spend their vacation sledding and having a good time.
New Years is coming too. Adults are planning their parties on the phone or just talking with old friends to tell each other their resolutions. Then when the night comes, everyone tries to stay up, but most give up through their tiredness taking over. But those who do stay up make a lot of noise. When Dick Clark, says Happy New Year! people are busily trying to make a list of resolutions for it’s
There is some happiness when the snow melts away, but inside their hearts are saying, “I wish it could be winter season.” But they need to be patient, because winter will be back in three seasons.