MaKayla Reed

MaKayla Reed
12th Grade
Ellsworth High School
Mrs. Palmer

Once the final bell has rung in the Spring, students who have donned their caps and gowns come to a crossroads: Do they go on to pursue further education, or will they venture out into the work force? Despite how they get there, students will be trying their very best to achieve the career of their dreams.

In the case of this seventeen year-old political junkie, I shall be pursuing further education, double majoring in political science and gender studies. To this end, I will be steering my boat in the general direction of my passion, while utilizing a double maj or to provide a clearer source of navigation.
As a bright-eyed twelve year-old, I first became involved as a volunteer. Wanting to better the world by any means that I may be able to contribute, I strived to do some kind of service each and every day. As the years flew by, I seemed to get more busy. Loving each and every moment, as I knew that somewhere in the world, I was making someone’s life substantially better. Whether it was working to protect the rights of minorities or working to ensure everyone could have access to quality, affordable healthcare, I knew that my time was well spent.

In that regard, it is my dream to continue on the course that I have started to lay for myself. To continue on and learn more about how things work in this world, to learn how to help others more effectively, and how to utilize more of the resources around me. By earning my bachelors degree, and with hopes of achieving a graduates degree, I will be able to take a position with confidence in the non-profit sector, a position that will ensure positive change for those around me. The ultimate goal is to use the degrees that I earn to help those in my state primarily, but to not allow my focus to become too narrow, ensuring that I will continue to help those around me whenever I am able. To quote President Theodore Roosevelt, my mantra shall resemble “do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
The mighty sea can be rough, especially for students who feel they are all alone in a scary, very expensive world. A world that is constantly demanding, pulling, and tugging away at you. Despite how lonely the waters may appear, when one is provided the company of their ambitions and dreams, they are never truly alone. The most assuring of truths is that no matter how turbulent this journey may be, is that after making the most of continuing my education, I can continue on to make meaningful change in this world. With that said, I welcome the challenges, along with the equal appreciation of the good and bad times, because without struggle, we will never know what it truly means to strive.