Makenzie Cowles

Makenzie Cowles
Grade 6
Lamoine School
Lamoine, ME 04605
Teacher:    Ms. Carol Duffy


Summer is my favorite season because the water is ready to swim in. The water glistens under the bright shining sun. I love the warmth and the sunshine too. The nights are cool, and the summer breeze is fresh.
One of the things I love about summer is the days are longer and I can stay up as late as I want. Also, there’s no school!
The flowers are so beautiful and fragrant. I love it when the blueberries are ready to pick and eat. I like to go picking blueberries with my sister Kaitlyn. Then my grandma makes blueberry pie.
Another thing I love about summer is all the animals are out and ready to play! The birds sing a happy song for summer, and the fish are swimming gleefully. The loons take their babies on their backs for their first swimming lessons. Everyone is so happy,even the animals.
I love going out to my camp and swimming and hiking and playing in the woods. I love kayaking and fishing and gardening too. I also like climbing rocks and staying out late at night watching the stars and roasting marshmellows to make yummy s’mores. The best thing of all is being able to spend more time with my mom and my family. Summer will always be my favorite season!