Maraya Kini

Maraya Kini


Grade 7


Houlton Jr/Sr High School


Mrs. Peabody


Houlton,Me 04730






Old Orchard Beach, Maine



Maine is known as Vacationland because it’s a beautiful state.


One of the nicest places is Old Orchard Beach. Old Orchard Beach has quite a lot to do. If you want to be outside, there is a beautiful seven mile sandy beach. Some family things to do are Amusement Parks.


There is Palace Play-land and Fun-town/Splash-town U.S.A. There is also Maine Indoor karting.


If your more of the active type, there ~ bike rentals, mini golfing, canoeing and kayaking tours and rentals. There is also windfall


rafting and great fishing.



There are over 400 camping sites and lodging places. If your looking for somewhere fun to go, I’d go to Old Orchard Beach. It~s my favorite place because of all the shopping, the activities and the amazing sandy beach! You will always be busy!