Matthew Frost

Matthew Frost
Grade Six
Ellsoworth Elementary Middle School
Mrs. Anderson

Summer, the season where the thunder clouds crack with lightning. The season where the lead stops hitting the paper. The season where the four wheeler help start gathering wood, This is the season I like the most. This sheet of paper will tell you why.
First, lets talk about the other seasons. I know you might think that winter is the best season if you’re a kid., but driving with icy roads aren’t as fun as it looks. Spring might look like fun, but it’s so rainy and muddy. Try walking through that. Fall might be good because it has so much candy from Halloween, but the great wind chill really ruins the fun.
Now to talk about why I like this season of the year. Even though there are hornets and bees, there are still a lot of birds and many frogs that will take a bite out of slime. Gross I know, but hey, who am Ito judge. It’s also fun to watch the thunder crack. When we don’t have the entertainment of fireworks, we look to the night sky and we find thunder. It’s hard to imagine a place without summer. Picture in your mind having to touch lead with paper for the rest of the year. Open books and laptops for the entire year. It makes me shutter just thinking about it. Too bad that snow days make it add on more school days. It’s a good thing that we didn’t have much snow this year.
All roses have their, thorns. So thats why we plant rhododendrons instead. I’m just kidding. But I do. But thats not what I’m talking about. I think that there aren’t any with summer.