Meghan Howey

Bullying is an immense problem all around the country, even all around the world. It is exceptionally difficult to go anywhere associated with other people, especially teens, without witnessing some nature of it. A great deal of it is very easy to notice: people get pushed around, harsh words and gestures are used, people get abused on a day to day basis, etcetera. However, there are also many varieties of bullying that are so subtle they don’t get as much attention. It is those types that my school struggles most with.


There are strikingly large amounts of people who have adopted the more silent types of bullying rather than the more common forms. It is because of the more silent types that teachers don’t notice when a student is being bullied, Alot of the time, even the victim doesn’t realize they’re being bullied. Silent bullying involves harsh comments based upon weight, sexuality, grades, mental issues, race, religion, and even parents’ finance issues.


When a student is being bullied, they are commonly too shy to report the bully to a teacher or counselor because they fear the bullying may just worsen. Teachers get a bad reputation for not handling it even though they are unaware of it. A teacher cannot help a student who is a victim of bullying unless he or she is notified.


A lot of measures can be taken to put a stop to bullying if someone would just ask for help when they are, or know of someone who is being bullied. Bullying may not be a crime

associated with the la~ç but it should surely be treated like one. It sends shivers down my Spine to think about how many people contemplate suicide because of it. Not many people realize how serious the act of bullying really is. Some of my readers may be thinking to themselves, “Oh it can’t be that bad. If the twerp would toughen up a little bit they could handle it on their own,” but if anyone has ever been bullied, it isn’t all that easy to stand up to a bully on their own. Yes, in some cases it can be shoved aside as if it never happened, but some bullies are so imprudent and persistent that it is nearly impossible for a victim to just “let it go.”


I saw a kid the other day who stood up to a bully, and I congratulated him. If people


witness bullying in action, and do something about it, there would be a lot less problems with it.


I intend on confronting someone if I suspect they’re being bullied and asking if there is anything


I can do. If they say no, I’ll respect them, but I won’t forget them. I’ll continue to keep an eye on


them and if I suspect the bullying is getting too harsh, I will step in and try to the best of my


abilities to end it.