Mercedes Hill

Mercedes Hill
Grade Six
Ellsworth Elementary Middle School
My Favorite Season

My favorite season would be summer. Why is my favorite season summer? See, some of you people might hate summer because you have to work, but really it’s quite fun for me because I go to a summer camp. Summer is a very good season because every day, except for weekends ,I would be at camp Discover. We did all sorts of activity’s such as archery,making new trails together,swimming,boardlcard games all over the place,boating,and fishing ect.

When it rains we would all race inside the cabins, tell scary stories, or do arts and crafts. They would always teach us new things like when you capsize a canoe or kayac they would teach us how to get back in it. They let us sit on rocks as they keep a good eye on us, too. They teach us how to fish and how to make forts and compasses and how to make fires, but what is really fun is when we have over nights. We like playing little tricks on people, like we’ll go hide out in the woods then when they get close then pass by we just hope up and hide until they find us, but my most favorite part is when we all settle down right next to the camp fire eating dinner. We all cook marshmellows and make smores then tell scary story that happened or might have happen about the camp. Tm also a big help when it comes to outdoors discovering plants and animals. I help by cleaning their cages ,like we keep frogs,turtles, fish and all sorts of things then after a while we let them go . My favorite thing in the whole world is being with friends and that’s why I like summer!