Michael Ramsdell

Michael Ramsdell


Bay Ridge Elementary


Mrs. Wheeler




Maine is vacation land because of Bucksport. I think Bucksport is a very nice place

because of the Bucksport bridge, I think the Bucksport bridge is a good place because ithas the auditorium. The auditorium is were you go under the bridge and park your car. After you park your car you have someone there and they will tell you to go over to the big block under the bridge. They will press a button and an elevator will open up. After you get in they press another button and the elevator will move up to the top of the big support beam. The elevator travels for five seconds then you get to the top. When you get to the top of the beam when you look around the auditorium is made of glass so

your walking on glass, it’s pretty scary. The observation looks out over the Penobscot River. The observation tower reaches about 420ft. If you wanted to go up you would have to pay $5 if you are a resident. If you are a nonresident you would have to pay $7.

The observatory was first opened on the same day that Fort Knox had opened up to be

a museum.


Another reason why Maine is called the vacation land is because if you drive over the Bucksport bridge and go across it you could go to Fort Knox. Fort Knox is a big fort it

was built so that it could protect Bangor and the Penobscot River. I have been to Fort Knox and I liked it. It was made out of granite instead of wood. The Fort Knox was declared a Maine historic land mark on December 30, 1970. Fort Knox now is under maintenance work and is used as a museum. The people that work their have done work on some of the things because it has ether been a danger or has broken or fallen off. I


In October people that work at Fort Knox they have a hunted hay ride for Halloween. Ihave never been to the hunted hay ride, even though I would like to go.