Morgan Lynn Rolfe

Morgan Lynn Rolfe              1-9-11

Rose Gaffney School              NIE

Grade 8

Mrs. Shaw


My favorite place in Maine is The Bangor mall, I could spend all day shopping in there. I always bring a couple friends there on the day after my birthday and spend my birthday money. My favorite store in the mall would have to be either Victoria’s Secret or Charlotte Russe. Charlotte Russe sells clothing, purses, shoes, and other accessories. Victoria’s Secret sells bras, panties, perfume, and makeup. There is more than one reason why the mall is my favorite place, not just because I like to buy stuff. One of my reasons for liking the mall so much is that my Nanna took me shopping there all the time before she died this sumer, and we always had a lot of fun together.


The sodas in some of the restaurants are kind of watery and don’t taste very good, and some of the food is really greasy and gross. The soft pretzels are awesome, but they make you extremely thirsty. The mall just seems to make food seem less tasty.


It always smells like food. Fast food, candy, all kinds of food, it really depends where you are in the mall. The food court smells kind of gross, like burgers and fries. The pretzel stand smells good, like warm bread. Most of the stores don’t really have a smell, except for Abercrombie & Fitch. The smell in there will burn your nostrils, it’s like they dumped bottles of cologne and perfume over everything. Not very pleasant.


There are always huge crowds of people. No matter what time you go there, you will always see tons of people talking on cell phones, dragging children behind them, or walking in huge groups. They crowd the shops and the food court. The shops themselves all have giant glass windows and bright lights. The doors are open and they are filled almost to the brim with people.


All you can hear is people. They are talking, shouting, crying, and laughing. No matter where you go in the mall you will hear tons of people and music. Almost every store in the mall plays music loud enough for people in the store to hear, but quiet enough that you can’t hear it beyond that store.


The metal chairs in the food court are stiff and uncomfortable. So are the wooden benches sprinkled throughout the building. Some of the stores have plush benches for trying on shoes, those are very comfortable. However, the mall isn’t a place that seems very comfortable, everything seems stiff and hard.


The mall kind of has a tiring atmosphere, you can’t stay in there for a super long time without getting tired. Especially if you have a ton of shopping to do. The stores are kind of scattered randomly throughout the building, so you sometimes end up go all over the place to get your shopping done, which is also tiring. However, the mall is still a very fun place if you love shopping. You could spend a very nice afternoon in the mall.


One of my favorite things about the mall is that most of the stores I want to go to are close together, so I don’t have to do as much walking around to get to the stuff I want. I can simply walk out of one store and over to the next.


My absolute favorite thing about the mall is that it’s a great place to hang out with friends or family. It’s a great place to go shopping with someone over the weekend, vacation, or a birthday. But



it’s the most fun in the summer.