Rebecca Liewellyn Collins

Rebecca Liewellyn Collins

Grade 5

Zippel Elementary School

Presque Isle

Mrs. Norsworthy




Spring, Spring, What a Wonderful Thing!


Spring is my absolute favorite season. One of the best parts of spring is all the smells and sounds. Also, in spring animals wake up and birds migrate back north. Last but not least, spring is the month that hosts my birthday.

When I stand outside in my lightweight jacket and mud boots, I close my eyes. Scents of flowers, mud, and melting snow tickle my nose and linger pleasantly in the cool, damp air. I can hear birds chirruping and squirrels chattering, their fluffy tails twitching about. Sometimes rain pounds soothingly on the garage roof as I stand under its shelter. I feel a warm breeze blow my hair away from my face like a gentle hand of one of God’s angels.

In spring, bears come out of their peaceful hibernating slumber. Birds rest their tired wings on perches of budding birch branches. They have just returned from many miles of flying home and are very tired. Timid deer leap gracefully across lush meadows full of blossoming wildflowers and singing meadowlarks. Mourning doves coo softly as the sun rises over the horizon, bringing forth a new day. So many animals thrive in spring.

Then there’s my birthday. I was born March 24th 2001, which is only two, three, or sometimes even four days after the spring equinox. The spring equinox is either the 21st or 22nd or in this year’s case the 20th It symbolizes the first day of spring. I am lucky to be born in such a lovely season.

Those are the reasons why spring is my favorite season. What’s yours?