Ryan Britt

Ryan Britt

7th Grade






My Camp in Moscow, Maine

There are a lot of fine and dandy places in Maine like Camden and Bar Harbor, but my camp in Moscow, Maine is the bomb diggity. There are more than 100,000 reasons why my camp is the place to go. Most people think the commercialism is what makes Bar Harbor and Camden best, but I have to disagree. You might ask, what can you possibly do in the middle of Moscow, Maine?




In my camp in Moscow, Maine you can go on spectacular adventures, because there are over 300 acres to explore. in those 300 acres there are old underground tunnels made from people over 200 years ago! My dad’s friend found it and was going to show us, but he died in a snowmobile crash. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be found. What is also cool is that it used to be a logging trail, so there are still remains of railroad tracks that go all the way around the property. There also used to be an old hotel that burned down in the 1800’s and it’s said there might have been many valuables left behind in the fire. There’s also an awe-inspiring waterfall with a spectacular view of a shining lake and creek from the top of our mountain. We also four wheel all the way up the mountain and it is a beautiful view. My dad and Ihunt



from time to time, and shoot various guns at cans for practice. Also during the winters my family and I like to snow shoe up the mountain and to our camp from the main road.




in my camp in Moscow, Maine every year my uncle, cousins and grandfather gather together and we call this Guys Weekend! We usually go up for this weekend during the long weekend for Columbus Day, and we do the same thing during the summer. My cousin, uncle, brother, and I always go play paintball or air-soft in the woods with them. What is also fantastic about my camp is the isolation! During this weekend we like to lay under the stars, and it’s always been a tradition to see how many satellites you find. My dad brings our boat and kayaks and we go out on the lake and explore the different islands, where, according to legends, you may find buried treasure! When we go out on the lake we go swimming in the freezing, Maine waters. Also, we go fishing during the summer and ice fishing during the winter.




Finally, one of the best and fantastic parts of my camp in Moscow, Maine are the memories we hold and cherish from the experiences we have. Through my lifetime I hope to be able to tell my children and grandchildren the fantastic times my family, many friends and I had there. I will never ever forget the many spectacular times I had at my camp in Moscow, Maine!