Rylea Steeves

Rylea Steeves


Grade 7

Rose M. Gaffney



Baseball is an American made game. My favorite place in Maine is at a baseball game. The feeling of being at a baseball game is very special. You get into it so much that you want to go and play yourself. I love going to watch people play at out hometown field, called MALL (Machias Area Little League). What you see is the players hitting, sitting on the bench, in the outfield, or in the infield. You also see players, fans and the coaches spitting sunflower seeds. The bleachers are full of fans of all ages, from grandparents to babies. Everyone is having fun cheering on their team.



When I’m at the MALL I can smell hot dogs cooking on the grill in the concession stand. They’re always cooked with onions in butter. Sometimes when it’s warm out there will be hamburgers also. They are cooked on an outdoor grill. The smell of the fresh cut grass tickles my nose.


The game of baseball itself is pretty simple. There is a pitcher that pitches to the batter. The catcher catches the ball that the pitcher pitches if the batter misses it. Sometimes the pitcher and the catcher communicate with hand signals. It’s fun to try to and figure out their secret messages. There is a first baseman. He gets all of the force outs. Then there is a second basemen, a short stop, and a third basemen. In the outfield is a left fielder, a center fielder, and a right fielder. There is something called balls and strikes. Strikes are when they are in something called the “strikes zone” which is a good pitch or when you swing and miss a ball. I am good at reading the strike zone, although it is different for every umpire. If there are 4 balls you get to walk, which means you get a free base. If you get three strikes, that’s an out. In baseball there are three outs. If you get three outs, that means the hitting team is now in the infield, and the fielding team is at bat. This is a good time to grab something to eat. I am either the catcher, or the short stop for my team.


If I’m playing, and coming in from the field, I usually take my catcher’s gear off, and get ready to bat.The catcher’s equipment is very heavy and hot. When I put the face mask on I feel like I’m trapped in a cage. I can see pretty well, but sometimes the mesh gets in the way. If you are in the infield you become the hitting team. When the teams switch places, it the top of the inning when the first team gets up, and the bottom of the inning when the second team gets up to bat. That goes on for nine innings.


My favorite person to go to games with is probably Emily. We have a blast, and sometimes we even get to announce the games,keep score, or both. It is so much fun, and I really get into the game. I can really focus on it. Another thing that I do is keep the



book for my brother’s team, the Gulls. I also keep pitch count for the Gulls at my brother’s All-Star game. Sometimes when I go to their practices I play. or help out with the team.