Sage Blake

Sage Blake

Grade 7

Houlton JR High School

Houlton, Maine 04730

Mrs. Peabody




Northern Maine Woods


If you want to get away from all the city junk come to Northern Maine’s Woods with 3.5million acres. Northern Maine’s wilderness offers fishing, camping, swimming in fresh water lakes, and forest. Vacation Land Maine is the best place in Maine for its fishing, camping, swimming in fresh water lakes, and forest. The reason for the best fishing is fishing in Granct Lake-to tf you want to catch the biggest bass-you will ever catch then come on up to Northern Maine. We have so many spots to go camping ether in the


wood or next to one of our fresh water lake. Where you can wake up in the morning and


take a beautiful swim, or you can see our beautiful wilderness with our moose, deer,


ducks, wild turkeys, otter, mink, marten, weasel, beavers, porcupine, muskrat, red


squirrel, Snowshoe Hare, rufféd grouse, Spruce Grouse, loons. If you are lucky, you can get here in the hunting season-s-and go hunting and get our giant moose or maybe one


of our deer.