Seth Brown

Seth Brown

Grade 7

Houlton Jr. high school

Houlton,Me 04730

Mrs. Peabody


The Northern Maine Woods


People say the Vacationland is not much of a vacation until you go to the Northern Maine Woods. The woods is my favorite spot in Maine because of the wildlife, and nice tenting sights in campgrounds. Within the campgrounds, there are trails you can hike, or you can go boating and catch a fish in the river for supper.


In our woods for wildlife, we have white-tailed deer, moose, black bear, bobcat, coyotes, red fox, fisher, cougars, otter, mink, marten, weasel, beavers, porcupine, muskrat, red squirrel, Snowshoe Hare, ruffed grouse, Spruce Grouse, loons and gray jays.


In Maine you can hunt for grouse, deer and bear with only your hunting license. If your going hunting for moose, you need a moose license also. There are multiple trails for your four-wheeler and snow-sled to go on


with family or friends.


In Northern Maine there are warm summers and cold winters. In the warm summers, the lakes are the best in the wilderness. You can go



swimming, rafting, boating, fishing, and lots more. In the winter, you can go snow-sledding, sledding down hills, and ice-skating on the ponds/lakes.


This is why Maine holds the name the Vacationland. Doesn’t it sound like a nice vacation to you?