Stephanie Scott

Stephanie Scott


Grade 7


Houlton Junior/Senior High School


Mrs. Peabody


Houlton, Maine 04730




Bar Harbor, Maine “The Vacationland”



Have you ever wondered about a place to slip away? To have a great place to see the sunsets, whales, and seals with your family? Well, to me, that place is Bar Harbor, Maine! Bar Harbor is my favorite spot because I got to see and do a lot in Bar Harbor that I probably wouldn’t have. I got to ride on a boat for the first time. While I was enjoying the view and relaxing, I got to see a male and female Bald Eagle on the same rock together! I saw seals all over rocks around a beautiful lighthouse. There was even a seal that was so fat he looked like a penguin laying on a rock.


When I first went to Bar Harbor was during Sixth Grade. It was a long drive from my town in northern Maine, but in my own opinion, it was worth the time. Fun awaited there. When we finally got to our destination, the students of sixth grade had to sit in a circle on the grass and the teachers



and chaperones told us what we were going to do next. We were going to set up our tents and then have lunch. When we were done with the tents


and lunch, we got to play kick ball, frisbee, and basketball. It was so much fun! That night was really freaky though because we all where sleeping and


then a thunder storm blew right in. All the students and teachers had to wait


in the buses until the storm was over. Some of us even had to sleep in the buses because our tents had flooded with rain. – —


We had to leave the next moUrning, but we got to go shopping! I had bought a beautiful pair of earrings. If you like to shop at tiny, quint shops, then you will love Bar Harbor! It is filled with lovely shops and a little sea food restaurants. Well, those are only some reasons why Bar Harbor, Maine is my favorite spot in Maine “The Vacationland”. It is also really beautiful when the sunset’s colorful rays hit the ocean water. I hope that some day you will end up visiting Bar Harbor!