Taylor Reed

Taylor Reed

Grade 7

HouIton Junior High Sohool

Houlton ME

Mrs. Peabody

Bar Harbor, Maine


One of the reasons that Bar Harbor, Maine is called the “Vacationland State” because of the beautiful scenéryand the beaches. Although the water is freezing cold in the beaches, they are gorgeous and fun to just wade around in! There~is alot of woods, if you like the woods for hunting or hiking-or:whatever you like to do in the woods. The shopping is great in Downtown Bar Harbor’ There is a ton of shops and antique stores right by the ocean! You can go on boat rides, and I assure you that they are very fun! You see seals, different kinds of birds, lighthouses, wales. It feels like~you are in Florida, but then you realize that you are in your own small state… Maine! In Bar Harbor, there is a glacier- carved mountain, Acadia National Park! In Acadia, you will find the mountain which you can climb or drive it. At the top of the mountain, there is a souvenir shop which is a very neat shop. There is also a fun river named “Thunder Cave” which connects to the ocean and to Sand Beach! If you are ever in Bar Harbor, I recommend going to Acadia National Park and Downtown Bar Harbor!



Got nowhere to stay? Well stay in Acadia Inn right on the ocean! It is the finest hotel in Bar Harbor! If you want good food, then go eat in Downtown Bar Harbor! They have the finest and freshest lobsters,


and a majority of different choices! Downtown,~ there are many different restaurants to chose from. Go to Downtown Bar Harbor for the scenery view, the shopping, the waterways, the boat rides, the resorts and dining, plus much more! Bar Harbor is ihe bestplace to


—              be!Go there, as soon as possible! Take it from me!