Whitney Pierson

Whitney Pierson
Grade Six
Ellsworth Elementary Middle School
Mrs. Anderson

Is it the beautiful stress-free hot day? Or is it the drizzle of sweat that runs down your face? Or maybe the birds that chirp at sunrise, It’s summer the best season of the year. From the warm outside and the children out to play. The lawn is filled with dandelions that never go away. When you step outside you feel like you’re dreaming. And I say “let’s go swimming!” We hop in the car, all bags packed and we ride down the rode to Branch Lake, take a splash in the water, and float around. I decide to dive under water and do you see what I see? Tiny fish swin~iming ecstatically. I take a deep breath and plunge back under and paddle to shore. I am soaking wet but it’s not cold. I run up the grassy hill, lay on my beach towel, tanning away, or maybe we will just call it “relaxing” but that’s not a word a kid wants to hear. I decide to go fishing, which is nice after an exhausting day. I grab my pole, hook a worm on and start fishing away. I wait and wait and wait (which is never exciting for a child.) and finally I get a pull! I am so thrilled! I reel it in very fast, and it is frightening! Plus it’s only a sunfish so I throw it back. I finally after a long day of play decide I need a rest, so I ride my bike home but something caught my eye, a beautiful sunset. I watched it for a while and then I went home. “Now summer is truly the best season of the year.”